How to Keep Seasonal Allergies From Ruining Your Workout

How to Keep Seasonal Allergies From Ruining Your Workout

Getting an outdoor workout is a great way to exercise and has been associated with other benefits including improved mood and reduced stress and depression. However, if you suffer from seasonal allergies, exercising outdoors can be particularly challenging. Check out these tips below to help reduce your exposure to outdoor pollens.

Know what you’re allergic to! 

The first step to exercising outdoors is to know your triggers and plan accordingly. The best way to determine what you’re allergic to is to visit with the allergists at Bernstein Allergy Group for comprehensive allergy testing. Once you have a better idea of what you’re sensitive to, you can develop a trigger checklist and adjust your workouts based on these results. 

Plan the timing of your workouts

If you are allergic to trees, grass, or ragweed pollens consider the timing of your workout. Pollen counts typically rise during the morning, peak about midday, and then gradually fall. So the lowest pollen counts are usually before dawn and in the late afternoon to early evening so consider planning your outdoor workout around these times.

If you have a sensitivity to outdoor molds consider exercising outdoors during the evening and early-morning hours as mold levels begin to climb as the sun rises, evaporating the mold spores on plants. 

Protect yourself

Sunglasses and face coverings can be helpful for lowering exposure to allergens while exerting yourself outdoors. If you suffer from itchy, watery eyes during the pollen season sunglasses can serve as a barrier, protecting your eyes from excessive pollen exposure. While wearing a mask during strenuous exercise might not be an option, consider wearing a mask during less strenuous outdoor activities like walking or gardening. 

Do part of your workout indoors

Consider rotating from indoor to outdoor activity to help limit your exposure and give your body time to recover. Make sure you are staying well hydrated and keep facial wipes, eye drops, and a damp towel on hand to wipe down our nose and eyes intermittently throughout your workout. When done, make sure to shower and change out of your clothes immediately to avoid continued exposure to pollen after your workout. 

Consider allergy shots

Sometimes medications and avoidance measures just aren’t enough. Getting an allergy shot from the Bernstein Allergy Group can help decrease any workout-related allergy symptoms and relieve allergy symptoms while at rest.

If you suffer from allergies or asthma and want to get back to exercising outdoors, schedule an appointment with Bernstein Allergy Group. Our allergists provide allergy services for the whole family!

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