Why Allergies Flare Up in the Summer

Summer is a season for picnics, barbecues, and relaxing vacations. However, for some individuals, the summer season brings along the unwelcome arrival of allergies. Sneezing, itchy eyes, and a runny nose can put a damper on all the fun. But why do allergies flare up in the summer? Let’s explore the various factors that contribute to these seasonal allergies and offer some tips to help manage and alleviate symptoms.

The Role of Pollen

One of the primary culprits behind summer allergies is grass pollen. Grasses begin to produce and release an abundance of pollen grains into the air. This pollen serves essential reproductive functions, but unfortunately, it triggers allergic reactions in susceptible individuals. 

Increased Outdoor Activities

Summer is a time when people tend to spend more time outdoors. Whether it’s gardening, hiking, or playing sports, increased exposure to allergens can lead to more frequent and severe allergic reactions. The longer we stay outside, the more likely we are to come into contact with pollen and other triggers. Additionally, outdoor activities can cause us to sweat, increasing the likelihood of irritants sticking to our skin.

Air Pollution and Allergies

The combination of hot and humid air can worsen asthma symptoms, especially for those with allergic asthma. Humidity promotes the growth of common allergens like dust mites and mold, which can aggravate asthma symptoms. Additionally, air pollution, including ground-level ozone and pollen, also tends to increase during hot and humid weather. These pollutants can further irritate sensitive airways, leading to more severe asthma symptoms. Therefore, allergy sufferers and asthmatics living in heavily industrialized areas may experience a challenging summer due to the combined effects of high temperatures, sunlight, humidity, and air pollution.

Allergies and Insect Bites

It’s not just airborne allergens that can cause allergies to flare up in the summer. Insect bites, such as those from mosquitoes, can elicit allergic reactions in some individuals. Mosquito saliva contains proteins that our immune system can react to, leading to redness, itching, and swelling around the bite area. This allergic response can be particularly bothersome during summer evenings when mosquitoes are most active.

Managing Summer Allergies

Although summer allergies can be bothersome, there are steps you can take to manage and alleviate symptoms. Here are some tips:

  1. Stay Informed: Keep track of pollen counts in your area and avoid spending extended periods outside when the count is high. Check the local weather forecast or consult allergy-tracking websites for up-to-date information.
  2. Minimize Exposure: When spending time outdoors, wear sunglasses to shield your eyes from pollen. Consider using a hat and long sleeves to protect your skin. Shower and wash your clothes after being outside to remove any allergens that may have attached to your body or clothing.
  3. Air Conditioning and Filters: Make use of air conditioning to keep indoor environments cool and free from pollen. Ensure that your AC has a clean filter that can trap allergens, preventing them from circulating through the air.
  4. Indoor Plants: Certain indoor plants can help purify the air and reduce allergens indoors. Consider adding plants such as spider plants, peace lilies, or aloe vera to improve the quality of your indoor air.

Although summer allergies can be a nuisance, understanding the causes and taking preventive measures can significantly alleviate symptoms. From pollen and mold spores to insect bites and air pollution, various factors contribute to summer allergies. By staying informed, minimizing exposure, and creating an allergen-free indoor environment, you can enjoy the summer season without constantly battling allergies. If you need professional help managing your allergies, reach out to Bernstein Allergy, a team of experts dedicated to providing specialized care and solutions for allergy sufferers. Don’t let allergies dampen your summer, take control of your allergies today!

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