In the past, the management of food allergy centered exclusively on strict avoidance. Allergen-specific oral immunotherapy (OIT) aims to induce desensitization leading to tolerance and eventually sustained unresponsiveness to foods that patients have been found to be sensitized to by skin or blood testing. This innovative treatment marks a major change in the field of Allergy and Immunology and has had a major impact in the lives of our food-allergic patients and their families.

Once confirmed that food OIT is indicated, the culprit food allergen is initially administered slowly in very small dosages and gradually increased weekly over the course of several months.

The initial build up day and all advancing doses each week are conducted in our office under close supervision by one of our physicians and experienced nurses to monitor and treat for any adverse reactions. The tolerated dose each week is then taken daily at home until seen the following visit at which time up-dosing occurs if no adverse effects were noted.

Robust clinical data has demonstrated that OIT is very safe and is effective in 80-85% of patients.

Leaders in Food Allergy Treatment!

Our office has been a leader in OIT treatment both regionally and nationally for over 5 years. Hundreds of food allergic patients have successfully completed our program. If any of your patients have a history of food allergies are interested in pursuing OIT, we are accepting new patients and would be honored to provide them with this life-changing treatment.

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