Allergy Symptoms vs. COVID-19 Symptoms

People with allergies have to constantly deal with a runny nose, cough, and itchiness. However, with the risk of COVID-19 today, people with allergies are wondering how to tell the difference between typical allergy symptoms and COVID-19. While some symptoms of COVID-19 overlap with allergies, there are several differences.

COVID-19 Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of COVID-19 usually appear 2 to 14 days after getting the virus. COVID-19 symptoms include but are not limited to:

-High fever
-Shortness of breath
-Body aches
-Runny nose
-Sore throat
-Loss of taste and smell

Allergy Symptoms:

-Runny or stuffy nose
-Watery or itchy eyes
-Itchy sinuses, throat, or ear canals
-Ear congestion
-Postnasal drainage

The severity of COVID-19 symptoms can vary from one person to another. Some people may not experience any symptoms at all. Those with pre-existing chronic health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory disease should be even more vigilant as they are at higher risk for a poor outcome if they contract the virus.

So, how will you know if you already have COVID-19 or if what you are experiencing is just plain allergies? Allergies typically cause nasal symptoms such as a runny nose and sinus congestion but do not usually result in a fever, as is found with COVID-19 or the flu. However, if you feel any symptoms resembling COVID-19, it is recommended to call your doctor to discuss symptoms and determine if testing and self-quarantine is required.

Remember to be extra conscious and careful with your health over the next few months and stick to your prescribed medication regimen, especially asthma inhalers and nasal sprays so your upper and lower airways are well controlled. Be vigilant about symptoms you are experiencing, especially if you have allergies, and schedule a telemedicine appointment if you have any concerns or questions. The staff at Bernstein Allergy Group are here to help during these difficult times.

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