Allergy-friendly Travel Tips

Traveling should never have to be limited by allergies and sensitivities. Whether you’re concerned about environmental allergens, food allergies, or other factors affecting your well-being while away from home, exploring new places without feeling like you are putting yourself at risk is possible.

One of the most important tips for allergy-friendly travel is researching your destination. Knowing what allergens are prevalent in the area and any laws or rules about carrying medications and food allergies will put you ahead of the game and help you decide on accommodations and activities that fit your needs best. 

If you are the one with allergies, it is important to know what to do in case of an emergency ahead of time. Create a document with all the information you will need, such as emergency contacts abroad or your insurance provider’s contact details, medication dosages, and any other pertinent information that may come in handy during an unexpected allergic reaction. 

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, it’s a good idea to inquire about accommodations specifically designed for travelers with allergies or dietary restrictions. Many hotels offer hypoallergenic bedding and cleaning products which can help reduce exposure to potential irritants in your room. If you’re staying in a rental house or apartment, thoroughly clean the space before settling in—that way, you can be sure that any potential allergens are no longer present.

Finally, wherever you go, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and take extra precautions when possible. Read restaurant menus carefully and ask questions about ingredients if you need clarification. If you need medication during an emergency, bring it with you! You can also purchase travel-size bottles of antihistamines and anti-inflammatories to keep in your bag. Don’t forget to include an epinephrine auto-injector if necessary. 

Traveling the world should never have to be limited by allergies and sensitivities. But it’s important to understand the risks associated with traveling while allergic, and with this knowledge comes a responsibility to take necessary precautions. By visiting Bernstein Allergy Group for an allergy consultation before your travels, you can be sure that you will have a safe and enjoyable trip. Contact us today for professional advice on how to stay healthy during your travels! 

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