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What Products Do You Buy To Make Your Home Healthier?

Summer allergies are nearly gone, but does that mean your home’s indoor air quality is back to normal? For those who struggle from respiratory illnesses or seasonal allergies, it may feel like there’s never any genuine relief from dust, pet danger and other common allergens that get carried indoors.

Most people tend to overlook their home as a source of health, but as the center point for your entire being, it’s important to cultivate a space that promotes wellness. To make your home environment more beneficial and nurturing, here are a few things you can consider buying.


An Air Purifier

The most obvious way to improve your home’s health factor is to buy an air purifier. You may think that your HVAC’s air filter is enough, but this is a common misconception. Although the air filter does catch a variety of contaminants, it’s primary function is to protect your ducts and system from damage, not purify the air.


In addition to regularly changing your air filter, you can purchase an air purifier to remove harmful pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from your home’s air.


Non-wax Candles

Many parrafen wax candles contain harmful chemicals that can cause a variety of complications and health problems. Many types of incense and essential oil diffusers may also be harmful to your health. You should always thoroughly investigate the health risks of any product you intend to introduce to your home; do not assume that it’s safe simply because it’s available for purchase.


Soy and beeswax candles are natural alternatives that are just as lovely and effective as their wax counterparts. They also have natural purifying properties that can help improve your air quality.


Organic Cleaners

Natural home cleaning products are just as effective as traditional store-bought bleach and cleaners. While you may require something a bit stronger than baking soda and white vinegar to thoroughly clean your home, you should avoid any products that contain harsh chemicals, which can irritate allergies and the respiratory system.


A High-Quality Vacuum

Even if you have hardwood floors throughout your home, you can benefit from a good vacuum cleaner. Brooms and mops, especially those left unsanitized, often push dirt and allergens around rather than eliminating them. With a high-quality vacuum, you’ll ensure total elimination of dirt and particles that can trigger allergies.


If you have pets, this is especially important as their hair can get embedded in the microfibers of your carpet and upholstered furniture. Choosing the right vaccum for your home and budget takes a bit of research, but the ultimate investment in your health makes the effort worthwhile.


To learn more about making your home healthy and improving your indoor air quality, contact us at Bernstein Allergy Group today.

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