About Clinical Research

In clinical research studies, also known as clinical trials, researchers evaluate investigational medications under carefully controlled conditions. The FDA only approves medications if they are found to be safe and effective during the clinical research process.

It takes a team of healthcare professionals to conduct a research study. Besides the primary doctor who oversees the study, the research team may include other doctors, physician assistants, nurses, medical assistants and other healthcare professionals.

Why Participate in a Clinical Research Study?

If you participate in a clinical research study, you may:

  • Receive study related medical care and study medication, which often includes physical exams and other test to monitor your condition, at no cost to you.
  • Receive the attention and support of the study physician and staff.
  • Learn more about your condition and your overall health.
  • Advances medical knowledge of the condition, which could benefit people who have the same condition in the future.

Qualifying for a Research Study

All research studies have specific requirement requirements for participation. This ensures that the study is right for you and that the researchers collect quality data.

Your Safety Comes First

All study plans, also called protocols, and participant materials are reviewed and approved by an independent ethics committee, called an institutional Review Board. This ensures that the research study is ethical and that participants’ rights are protected.

Study plans have detailed instructions for doctors to follow your health while you are participating in the study. These are even doctors outside the study who help oversee study’s progress and ensure your safety comes first.

Learn more about clinical trials at www.clinicaltrials.go

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