ALL PATIENTS MUST WEAR MASKS if they would like to be seen in the office, no exceptions. If you forget a mask, one can be purchased for $2 at the front desk.

COVID-19 has changed the practice of medicine and how Bernstein Allergy Group delivers care now and into the foreseeable future. To ensure a safe working environment for our staff and a safe environment for new and established patients we have focused on the following 7 areas.   

  1. We have implemented telemedicine visits which are especially useful for our high risk patient population – those who are over age 60 with co-morbidities shown to increase risk of COVID death including diabetes, obesity, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.
  2. We have established a drive through center for our patients receiving oral food immunotherapy. Allergy injections and biologics are now being administered inside the office by appointment only.
  3. We have maintained a policy to have 10 or fewer patients in the office at any one time for consultation, follow up visits, testing and other necessary procedures.
  4. We have a protocol in place for screening all patients who enter the office. 
    1. All patients are asked about exposures at home and work, whether they are experiencing any clinical symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, change in smell, diarrhea or other related symptoms. 
    2. All staff and patients have their temperatures taken before entering the offices. 
    3. All staff wear face masks and/or face shields when interacting with patients and when doing procedures such as pulmonary function testing and skin testing.
    4. All patients are asked to wear a face mask or facial covering and maintain physical distancing of 6 feet as much as possible during their visit.
  1. We have an ongoing surveillance plan to monitor for any COVID-like symptoms and confirmed COVID infections in our patients. We are very pleased to report that with the above measures in place, none of our staff or patients have contracted COVID-19.
  2. Our doctors are following the COVID crisis very carefully at a local and national level. They are staying up to date on all the advancements in testing and treatment related to COVID-19 infection. 
  3. Our doctors are involved with implementing COVID treatment trials at the University of Cincinnati and have been authors on several publications related to COVID and asthma, COVID and biologics and COVID novel treatments. 

Our objective is to continue to provide our patients with the excellent care they are accustomed to in innovative ways that eliminates risk for COVID infection in our offices. We are sensitive to the fact that everyone has a different threshold for risk when it comes to venturing out into public places, therefore we have made a strong commitment to continue providing alternative ways for patients to receive care.

It is important during the COVID crisis that patients do not neglect their health needs.  We encourage all of our patients to continue their treatment regimens and schedule regular appointments to ensure excellent clinical outcomes. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or other health related issues. Be safe and be well.

Drs. David and Jonathan Bernstein and Dr. Justin Greiwe

4665 East Galbraith Rd 2nd floor Cincinnati, OH 45236

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