COVID-19 Vaccination

Frequently Asked Patient Questions About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccination is the best weapon to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some common questions about COVID-19 vaccines.

What are the typical side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine?

Like many other side effects associated with vaccines, you may experience chills, fever, soreness at the injection site, and muscle aches. These symptoms can arise immediately after receiving the shot and can last up to 2-3 days.

Should I receive the vaccine if I’ve had insects sting, medicines, or food allergies before?

Yes. You should still get vaccinated against COVID-19 if you have allergies. For those who have a history of anaphylaxis for any reason, we recommend that you receive the vaccine in a facility with adequate capacity to treat allergic reactions; they should observe you for a minimum of 30 minutes after vaccination. The vaccine doesn’t contain gelatin, egg, or latex; thus, you shouldn’t worry if you have allergies to these substances.

The CDC discourages those who have experienced severe reactions to any vaccine ingredients or have recorded allergic reactions to polysorbate or polyethylene to avoid receiving the mRNA vaccine.

Can I take my Asthma or allergy medication the same day I’m taking the COVID-19 vaccine?

Yes. Don’t skip your asthma/allergy medicines since there are no contraindication for these drugs for those receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. If you have questions, you can talk to our experienced immunology/allergy experts at Bernstein Allergy.

Can I develop allergic reactions to the vaccine?

While initial accounts in the U.S. back in December 2020 estimated 11.1 cases of anaphylaxis per million doses administered for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, further analysis over a more prolonged period of time showed significantly reduced risks for both vaccines: 4.7 cases/million for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and 2.5 cases/million for the Moderna vaccine based on information gathered through 01/18/2021. Continued safety monitoring of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines to date have confirmed that anaphylaxis following vaccination is a rare event. Please schedule a visit with our allergist/immunologist if you have a history of anaphylaxis, mast cell disease, or concerns about receiving the vaccine.

Can I get a COVID-19 vaccine on the same day as I get my allergy injection, xolair, other biologic or gamma globulin infusion?

Receiving a vaccination alongside other immunizations, allergy treatments or biologics has not been studied. Do not take a COVID-19 vaccine on the same day as your allergy injection other biologic injections. The CDC recommends a minimum interval of 14 days before or after administering other vaccines, such as the flu shot.

What can I do if I experience an allergic reaction after receiving the first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine?

At Bernstein Allergy Clinic, we have a team of allergy specialists ready to address your concerns. If you receive the COVID-19 vaccine and encounter severe symptoms, including hives, wheezing, nausea, high fever, or throat tightness, call our emergency number instantly. Our specialists will evaluate your case and recommend the best treatment strategy.

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