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Why Do Some Individuals Have Allergies?

If you suffer from one or more allergies, then you might wonder why some individuals have this health issue while other people have no allergies. There are numerous types of allergies that cause an assortment of symptoms such as a runny nose, skin rashes or itchy eyes. Scientists know that allergies are caused by a faulty immune system response. While some individuals have a serious immune system disorder that can lead to health problems from allergies and other conditions, it is possible to be healthier in other ways, but you can still have an allergy.

Allergies are caused by an Abnormal Immune Response

When you have allergies, your immune system perceives normal everyday substances as harmful items, leading to the release of histamine or other chemicals into your bloodstream. You can have a mild to a life-threatening reaction from your allergies to certain substances such as particular foods, pollen or pet dander. It is possible to develop allergic reactions to substances as an adult while the substance caused no problems when you were younger. This is because your body chemistry changes throughout your lifetime, especially for women who experience pregnancies or menopause.

What are the Substances that Can Cause Allergies?

Many allergens are airborne, making it difficult to avoid the substances. Some of these allergens include pet dander, household dust or pollen from plants. You can also have an allergy to cigarette smoke, the odor from perfume or air pollutants from factories. If you have new clothing, furniture or carpet that has been treated with chemicals, then the fumes from these chemical treatments can cause an allergic reaction.

Some Types of Allergies are Dangerous

The allergic reactions to certain food or beverages are one of the most dangerous problems, leading to respiratory distress from swollen airways. An allergy to nuts or peanuts is a common dangerous allergy that requires immediate emergency treatment with injectable medications. Many individuals also have a severe allergic reaction to shellfish. Some people are allergic to certain medications, and they must wear a medical bracelet to avoid receiving these drugs during their emergency hospitalization. For someone with a milder reaction to allergens, it is possible to buy store-bought medications that contain steroids or other chemicals to relieve problems such as congestion or rashes.

You Can Manage Allergy Symptoms

If you have a dangerous allergic condition, then you must understand how to manage the problem. You may need to carry medication with you along with teaching other people how to administer the drug when you are incapacitated. Allergies can also make your daily life difficult by causing severe headaches or sinus congestion. Alternatively, you might have a contact allergy that leads to itchy and ugly rashes on your skin.

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